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Heavy Duty Steel Security Doors for Safety

As a leading provider of security doorways, Safeguard Security Doors keeps safety at the heart of everything we do. Whether you're looking to keep someone out or protect the things inside, we're here to meet all of your safety and protection needs.


Anti Tamper

Secure Hinge Bolts

Expandable Frame

Simple to fit in any door aperture

4x Heavy Duty

Lift Off Hinges

2" Thick

Steel Door

Single Door Open

Carbon Steel

Secure Hinge Bolts

1/8" Thick

Steel Construction

12 Point

Multi Point Locking System

Heavy Duty

Weather Sealing System

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Choosing to outfit your home or business with secure doors is a great investment. There are three key ways you’ll benefit from this kind of protection:

  1. Stop unwanted intruders from breaking in with more strength and durability
  2. Withstand the especially strong forces of nature such as storms or high winds
  3. Feel more protected and safe than you would otherwise
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The best ones are the ones that work. There are many different variations of materials used and types of doorways.

These include:

  • Steel – This is often considered the “most secure” option since steel is so strong. This type also requires minimal maintenance.
  • Storm – These protect your entryway from bad weather.
  • Screen – These screens door will let light and air into your home while keeping insects out and maintaining a sense of safety.
  • Sliding Glass – This type can keep you protected while also saving space inside your home or business.
  • Double – These can either be located on the interior of a building or on the outside, as an entry into an outside area.

We also offer personnel and fire exit door solutions should you find yourself in need of either.

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At Safeguard Security Doors , we like our customers to know exactly what they’re getting before purchasing their first security door.

Our heavy-duty options include a 12-point locking system around their steel frames with expandable frame width options. The standard frame height is 81-11/16″, and slab sizes will be based on the frame size needed.

When you buy a door from us, you can also expect a number of additional features including:

  • Reinforced panel
  • Easy-to-remove threshold
  • Full weather seal on all four sides
  • Two strengthening supports made of steel running through the door
  • Insulation filling made of fiberglass/mineral wool
  • Impact-proof locking system
  • Fully configurable upgrade options
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Of course, as with any purchase, it’s also important to keep the price range in mind when shopping for your protective door. You don’t want to blow your budget, but you also don’t want to go with the cheapest option, as you might not get all the features you’re hoping for.

We’re proud to offer our top-of-the-line door screens and doors starting at just $877.49. All products also come with free shipping across the United States. We keep our price low so you can keep up your home improvement and stay safe without breaking the bank.

Live in the Connecticut area? Our customer service team is happy to also provide delivery and installation for you.

Help Keep You & Your Family Safe

It takes a strong and durable doorway to protect you and the people that matter from home invasions and burglaries. But with the right equipment, you can sleep better at night knowing you're as protected as can be.

Whether an intruder is trying to kick the door down or pick the lock, our powerful products will stop anyone from entering.

Contact us today to get set up with the heavy duty steel security door that's best for you.